Downloader for Reddit™ (ex Reddit downloader)

STEP 1 Check your chrome settings IMPORTANT!

Turn OFF the switcher "Ask where to save each file before downloading".
If you don't do this, browser will ask you for each automatically saved file.

STEP 2 How to download one post

Navigate to desired resource, right-click over it and choose "Download hi-res media under cursor".

STEP 3 How to download all media

Go to a Reddit community. Choose the content you want to download. Click the "Downloader for Reddit™" icon. Click the "Downloader for Reddit™" icon.

You should wait until the app collects downloading data.
Usually, it takes 10 -20 seconds.

Note: will be downloaded media supported by the extension. If some media was not downloaded - please contact us using the chrome support page. chrome support page.

Media will be downloaded depending on your community sorting. Choose "new" if you need new posts in community.

STEP 4 Application settings